Robert C. Jameson
Ani Hu - Empathy with God

2005 Robert C. Jameson

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1. Ani Hu Empathy with God (Length: 60min)

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"Ani" and "Hu" are two ancient Sanskrit words. "Ani" means empathy, and "Hu" is a word for God. Thus the title: "Ani Hu Empathy with God."

I have test marketed the CD in many places and I continue to get powerful and positive reviews. Some commits I have heard are: "It was so beautiful, I just cried." "I use it every night to sleep." "I have never had such deep meditations before. Thank you." "I love my CD." "I gave mine away to a friend. I want another one."

Some of the places I have tested the CD are: yoga classes, massage studios, meditation classes, dental surgeon's offices, esthetician's offices, therapist waiting room, background music in offices and waiting rooms, writer's office, people who can't sleep, and just gentle music as you hang out at home.

Let me know your experiences so I can share it with others.




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