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Firming & Aging

Finally, firmer skin can be a reality.  The revolutionary new discove4y that restores visibly firmer, smoother skin in jut 30 days, and helps avoid the loss of firmness in the future, is here.

Daily Commitment (use once or twice a day).  For the most complete firming strategy, apply this trio with your basic skin care routine morning and/or night.

Weekly Commitment (use every other day for the first ten days, then use once a week or
once a month as needed.).  


FSI Product # 007

Advanced Firming Complex

The daily defense strategy for restoring visible firmness to aging skin and avoiding loss of skin's firmness as you age - a decline that results from years of exposure to sun, smoke, smog and other environmental agers, not to mention the hormonal declines that occur with menopause.  Gives the fastest results possible so you see a healthier looking, younger acting complexion within days.


Vita Plex C
Vitaplex-C is an active multi-vitamin, anti-aging, and revitalizing facial crme, with a generous amount of vitamins C, A, D, B5 and E. It effectively provides a smoothing, lightening, and antioxidant skin treatment, while helping to stimulate the skin's own protection against UV radiation and environmental stress. This crme helps to activate the skin's native collagen to provide moisturizing benefits through its natural herbal extracts, nourishing oils, and exclusive amino acids. Use twice daily after cleansing and toning. Effective for normal to dry, aging, and environmentally damaged skin

Wt. 1.12 oz

Wt. 2 oz








Vitanol A
Vitamin-A Complex is a liposome encapsulated system of Retinol, Vitamin C, Beta Glucans and Amino Acids. It softens and smoothes while helping to improve the skin firmness. Retinol and Ascorbic Acid are potent stabilized anti-aging vitamins that are very effective in helping to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, and large pores. Beta Glucans are derived from yeast cell walls and are extremely effective in increasing moisture, activating the immune system of the skin, and inhibiting irritation. Apply directly to the skin after cleansing, or prior to the application of any other facial product. Best results are achieved when used twice daily. Daily use of a sun protection crme is recommended while using this product



Activating Liposome Complex

Vita Silk C
Vital Silk is an exclusive Multi-Vitamin Facial Treatment. It contains Vitamin C, A and E, beneficial minerals, and extra pure essential oils. Vital Silk helps the skin regain tone, moisture, silkiness and radiance. It provides a smoothing, antioxidant, brightening and protective treatment for all types of non-sensitive, environmentally damaged skin that is starting to show signs of aging. When used prior to makeup, it helps to form a breathable moisture seal and it helps to achieve a smooth and even application of makeup. Apply a small amount directly to the skin twice a day.


Wt 1 fl oz



Wt. 1 fl oz




































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